Top Ten Armies [10/25/20-10/31/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – This week’s Major Top Ten sees a new army claim the top spot.

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↑ 1. Army of Club Penguin [107.00]

2. Rebel Penguin Federation [97.82]

3. Ice Warriors [95.13]

4. Help Force [75.95]

5. Water Vikings [61.7]

↑ 6. Water Ninjas [52.60] 

↓ 7. Dark Warriors [47.96]

8. Templars [43.00]

9. Special Weapons and Tactics [41.50]

 10. Silver Empire [33.81]

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1. Army of Club PenguinThe Army of Club Penguin only had one event this week: their victorious Fright or Fight battle against the Ice Warriors, maxing 113!

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: The Rebel Penguin Federation held a total of ten events this week, starting with their AUSIA branch battle, which saw a max of 49. Hours later, 64 Rebels logged onto CP Rewritten for a rare-stamp collecting event. Tuesday saw an AUSIA training in preparation for the Fright or Fight finals as well as VC-led US training event. These two events achieved maxes of 50 and 54, respectively. On Wednesday, 65 Rebels dressed up in spooky attire for Operation: Monster Mash, while the following day saw a size of 64 at another VC-led training event. On Friday, the Federation partook in a unique joint practice battle where divisions from the Rebels and the Ice Warriors met to form team Venus and team Mercury. Ultimately team Venus took the victory and the Federation maxed 42 for this AUSIA event. Later on, they held an igloo raid, maxing 56. Saturday morning brought a max of 38 as troops dressed up in puffle and candy corn costumes for a spooky AUSIA event, titled Operation: Frightful Frenzy. To conclude their week, the Rebels held the Ghoulish Games. They played trivia, had a scavenger hunt, competed in a fashion show, and even a fought mini-battle with their allies the Ice Warriors. This event concluded with a 54 max, ending their week on a sweet note as the Rebels get ready to compete in the Fright or Fight semi-finals on Sunday.

3. Ice WarriorsThe Ice Warriors held six exciting events this week. They kicked off their week with CPAH’s Fright or Fight tournament semi-finals against the Army of Club Penguin, where they maxed 80. They followed this event with a spooky monster mash event, maxing 60. On Wednesday, the Ice Warriors divided and battled maxing 59 total. They logged on for their Halloween Showdown battle, maxing 55 as Spiders and Squids against the Midnight Troops. On Friday, the Warriors joined forces with the Rebel Penguin Federation for an AUSIA Halloween-themed divisional practice battle, where they maxed 50. Finally, they maxed 48 at their Black Ice Alliance Halloween party and Templars practice battle.

4. Help ForceHelp Force had a productive week with a total of eight events. They kicked things off on Monday with an International Pizza Party event where they maxed 45. The Helpers then followed up with a Soccer Team Event with 33 troops in attendance. Their third event of the week was an AUSIA Vroom Vroom Takeover, where they reached a size of 48. 41 Helpers then logged on for an EU Soccer Competition event on Wednesday. The following day, they held an International Stamp Frenzy event, maxing an impressive 58. Continuing to Friday, the Helpers held two events. First was their US Blue Soccer Jersey Takeover where they maxed 27, and the second was an AUSIA Mischief Night event where they reached a max of 44. To finish off their week, Help Force had an EU event, a Phantom Fiesta, reaching a max of 45.

5. Water VikingsThe Water Vikings participated in a busy week with a total of six events. On Monday, the Vikings held a Skeleton Takeover in which they maxed 36. The next day, WV logged on for a Ghost Takeover with a peak of 41 online. Following this, the Water Vikings held their third event this week on Wednesday with a total of 35 troops: an Among Us and Astronaut Takeover. Finishing up their trail of takeovers, the Vikings logged on for a Wizard and Witches Takeover on Thursday with a peak of 35 yet again. On Friday, the Water Vikings divided themselves into two divisions, the Mummies and the Frankensteins, to engage in a practice battle among themselves. To finish up their eventful week, WV held a Halloween Party on Saturday with a grand total of 34 penguins.

6. Water NinjasThe Water Ninjas had a steady week with five total events. Kicking things off with a strong start, the Ninjas held a U-Lead event with 31 troops in attendance. Afterwards, they had an Among Us and training event, maxing 23. Following that, 29 Ninjas logged on to battle the Wild Ninjas in a practice battle, winning 3-0. This was not the end of their victories, because immediately after, they faced the One Direction army with a max of 26 and won once more. To end their week, the Water Ninjas had a practice battle with the Midnight Troops, pulling an impressive max of 24 and chalking up their third win of the week.

7. Dark WarriorsThe Dark Warriors hosted four events this week. They started their week with a find four tournament where they maxed 25, they followed this up with a Spooky Says AUSIA event where they saw sizes of 28. Following this, they hosted a stamp event where they maxed 25. They finished their week with a practice battle against Templars where they peaked at 24.

8. TemplarsTemplars had a busy week which kicked off with a Speed Training Event where they saw sizes of 23. They followed this up with a pizza chef takeover event where they maxed 24. Soon thereafter, they held another training event where they maxed 22. A few days later, they hosted another training event where they saw sizes of 21. They finished their week with a Sled Race event and a battle with Dark Warriors where they peaked at sizes of 22 and 20 respectively.

9. Special Weapons and TacticsSWAT had a short but potent week with two events, both achieving impressive maxes. The first was their division debut, with purple swat and green swat facing each other in an exciting battle. They achieved a collective max of 34, with green taking the victory. Afterward, they held a battle training event with 30 troops in attendance, successfully concluding their week.

10. Silver EmpireThe Silver Empire started their week with round two of the Fight or Fright tournament, maxing an admirable 19. They promptly followed up this event with a glitzy Fashion Show, seeing 12 fashionistas in attendance. The Silvers then held a Hocus Pocus themed event where they reached a size of 13. Once more the Empire achieved a max of 12 at an Igloo Competition. Bringing the week to a conclusion, they held an AUSIA Find Four tourney where they hit a size of 9 troops.

Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


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Top Ten Committee

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