Aubz Returns To SWAT Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, SWAT Empire – Only a few weeks after her retirement, former leader Aubz rejoined the Special Weapons and Tactics leadership. What were the reasons behind Aubz’s sudden return?

Aubz started her army career in the Special Weapons and Tactics during the Club Penguin Online era while it was led by Zuke and Cargo. Aubz eventually worked her way up to Leader in Training and was a fantastic recruiter and ambitious leader. However, after some internal conflicts occurred within SWAT, Aubz left to create her own army: the One Direction Army. ODA thrived under Aubz’s leadership and became very successful. Although the One Direction Army was performing spectacularly, Aubz decided to return to the Special Weapons and Tactics and work exceptionally hard to become a SWAT Legend.

SWAT maxing 50+ under Aubz’s leadership

On October 20th, Aubz officially retired from the Special Weapons and Tactics along with her co-leader, Oliver, in a retirement post found here. Following the departure of two leaders, SWAT’s maxes dropped to the 20s, and their Top Ten placement decreased to ninth. However, SWAT slowly began to climb back up with maxes of mid to low thirties in the week prior to Aubz’s return.

SWAT maxing 34 in a recent division battle

However, shortly after her departure from the army, SWAT leader Mare officially announced Aubz’s return to the Special Weapons and Tactics Leadership on November 7th. With the return of Aubz, will SWAT rise up to their former glory?

Mare announcing Aubz’s return, click to enlarge

CP Army Hub staff were able to sit down with Aubz for an exclusive interview regarding her return.

What led to your decision to rejoin the SWAT leadership?

I decided to unretire because I missed the SWAT community, I deleted discord completely for about 2 weeks and found myself missing the friends I made and leading with some of the most genuine people I have ever met. I also felt like my time was not yet complete and I had abruptly made a decision to retire with some unfinished business leftover.

Do you have any plans for the army’s future?

SWAT has always been resilient and strong but now with me being back in leadership I feel we can take it to new heights and I can apply the knowledge that I learned under Conor and Cargos leadership to really make it great. I have always made it a point to be nice and welcoming to new troops and plan on helping with member retention and creating fun events to take SWAT to even higher maxes!!

Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding your return?

I would just like to thank some of the people who got me here Ganger, Conor, Cargo, Oli, Madhav, and my ODA family I truly could not have done it without them!!! Also if you are reading this Join GREEN DIVISON

Aubz has definitely made an impact on the Special Weapons and Tactics in the past as a former leader. With her return, Aubz plans on taking SWAT to higher heights and making the army better. Under the leadership of Aubz, how will the Special Weapons and Tactics fare? What lies in store for this army next?

What do YOU think? Will Aubz lead the Special Weapons and Tactics to greater heights? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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