2funky3 Retires Following Clover-Dorito ‘AUSIA’ Clash

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Empire – Following a close, fun-filled battle between the Army of CP and the Doritos, 2funky3 announced his retirement from the Army of CP’s High Command. What led to his retirement?

Although 2funky3 first joined the army community in November 2009, he didn’t join the Army of CP until ten years later in November 2019. During his long years within the army community, 2funky3 made his journey throughout multiple armies. While he may be remembered for his time in the Army of CP, he also served in the Water Vikings and the Pretzels as a Second in Command.

2funky3 first joined the Army of CP as a loyal troop and worked his way up to a Second in Command position in March 2020. During his time in the Army of CP, 2funky3 worked hard to help the army in any way he could. He was also with the army during World War Rewritten, a war that took place between the Army of CP and the Rebel Penguin Federation. Despite no army winning, 2funky3 proved himself to be a hardworking High Command throughout the war.

ACP vs. RPF during World War Rewritten

Before announcing his retirement, the Army of CP held an AUSIA practice battle against the Doritos. In the first room, the two armies engaged in a friendly practice battle. However, in the second and third room, both armies had a snowball fight and a find four tournament the room after. This fun event occurred for fun and produced no winners nor losers.

ACP vs. Doritos during their fun practice battle

After the event, 2funky3 released his retirement post on the Army of CP website. In the post, he commended the army for making his time there one of the most fun experiences he had. For his hard work and dedication, 2funky3 received a ‘Legend’ status as well as a Bronze and Silver Medal within the army.

CP Army Hub reached out to 2funky3 for an interview regarding his retirement.

What was your main reason for stepping down from the army?

I felt that the time was right as there is plenty of capable staff and HCOM who can take my place in terms of the future. I also have been receiving more pressure from Uni, Work demands and having a social life, so I decided now was a good time to retire.

What has been your favourite moment in the army?

My favourite moment would have to be when we got to the Fright or Fight battle in which we broke our CPPS Size record.

Do you plan on returning in the future?

I currently have no plans to return to armies in the future.

How do you think ACP will perform in your absence?

I’m confident that going forward ACP will go from strength to strength and grow to the biggest and best army in all of Club Penguin

Despite his departure from the Army of CP, 2funky3 believes that the army will only continue to grow. Being a loyal Second in Command since March, 2funky3 has definitely helped the army and will be dearly missed. Following 2funky3’s retirement, how will the Army of CP fare? Will they continue to grow?

What do YOU think? How will the Army of CP fare following the loss of 2funky3? Let us know in the comments section below!

CP Army Hub Reporter

CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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