Flash Nemesis War: Day Three Ends With Another Clover Win

KLONDIKE, Battle Ground – The Army of Club Penguin and the Special Weapons and Tactics recently had their fourth battle in the ongoing Flash Nemesis War. Who came out victorious in this heated battle?

On December 29th, the Special Weapons and Tactics logged onto Klondike in order to reclaim the server of Avalanche from the Army of Club Penguin. This was a well-fought battle filled with a wide variety of tactics and formations. While the Army of CP was able to have up to 45 clovers for this battle, SWAT gathered around 30 agents.


Entering the Iceberg first, the Clover Defenders were able to completely cover SWAT’s entrance with their bomb. As both armies scrambled into formations, the Army of Club Penguin was able to quickly and neatly form an “X” formation. This exposed SWAT’s plus form which was not as clean on the sides. Although the Special Weapons and Tactics were able to persist, they were unable to overcome the Clover Defenders’ neatness and speed in combination with a slight size difference. This led to the Army of Club Penguin winning the first room.

The Army of CP vs. SWAT in Room One: Iceberg


Though the entrance of the second room seemed about even, the Army of Club Penguin was able to make up for their lack of speed by effectively using their “RENEGADE” bomb to cover the Special Weapons and Tactics’ “@DRIZZY@”. About halfway through the room, SWAT entered into a sideways T formation while the Clovers formed an infinity symbol which effectively covered their opponent’s formation. Though the size difference between the two armies was no less than 15, the Army of CP’s use of creative formations in combination with their quick and neat formations aided them in winning room two.

The Army of CP vs. SWAT in Room Two: Dojo


After two exciting rooms, both armies were able to enter into the Stadium quickly, making their entrance even. After the second bomb, the Special Weapons and Tactics quickly made a clean V formation that was able to withstand the Army of Club Penguin’s X wipe. After staying in this formation until halfway into the room, SWAT was unable to keep up with the Clovers’ big formations that were both nice and clean. Though the Special Weapons and Tactics’ formations also proved to be nice and neat, they were still overpowered by the Army of CP’s big and creative ones. The Clover Defenders ended up taking the win for the final room.

The Army of CP vs. SWAT in Room Three: Stadium

After this hard-fought battle over Avalanche, the judges gave their verdict. The Army of CP was able to successfully defend their territory with a 3-0-0 win. Congratulations to the Clover Defenders!

The judges’ verdict, click to enlarge

After this successful defense, the Army of Club Penguin plans to take more of SWAT’s territory with the invasions of Lucky and Nevisca set to take place on December 30th. Will SWAT be able to prevent the Clover Crusaders from taking more of their land? What will happen next in this ongoing Flash Nemesis War?

What do YOU think? What will happen in day four of the Flash Nemesis War? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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