Club Penguin Rewritten Army Central is a primary hub for Army news. The reigning, primary outlet for the Media providing up to date news on Army warfare. CPR Army Central became a major influence in the Community as it held a grip on the rise of the Community for 8 months.

What You’ll Find:

Here are the different types of posts that you’ll see on the CPA Central homepage:

  • Army News: CPR Army Central publishes articles cohering with Army warfare. Providing news on army relations, changes and friction between armies. CPR Army Central also focuses on providing non-biased accurate information to maintain the legitimacy of the Top Ten and the Community. Due to this CPR Army Central also investigates scandals and cheating to pursue the truth.
  • Top Ten Armies: Every Saturday, CPR Army Central publishes a Top Ten Armies of the week. This is from an algorithm created in September 2013 to the enlist 10 biggest armies and their performance in the Army Community. The armies compete with each other comparing size, tactics and time of day to order the armies from biggest to smallest. (1 – 10)
  • Tournaments: CPR Army Central is firm on holding 2 tournaments a year. This is an occasion where all armies across all branches of the Army Community unite and compete for domination in the themed tournament. Tournaments are recessive held in Summer. CPR Army Central has previously held tournaments including; May Mayhem, Battle of Alpine, Battle of Alpine II, Community vs Rebel Penguin Federation.


CPR Army Central is run by a selected few, of individuals that ensure that CPR Army Central publishes actively and acts as an accurate outlet for the Media.

Board of Directors:

  • Earthing (Advisor and Board Member)
  • Conor (Board Member/Owner 100%)
  • Sammie (Board Member)
  • Eden(Board Member)

Chief Executive Officer:

  • Conor

Vice President:

  • Sports

Executive Producer:

  • Zeke


  • N/A

Associate Producer:

  • Arkadiy


  • Games
  • Smurf
  • Edu
  • Xing
  • Bloodpanther
  • Lord Ninja

Staff Hall of Fame:

The following are the individuals who have acted to impact CPR Army Central significantly and are worthy of recognition.




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