Golden Troops Leader TheMightyA Announces Retirement

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Empire – Just over two months since his return to the community following a hiatus, TheMightyA has announced his retirement from the Golden Troops leadership. What led to this decision?

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Christmas Chaos X: Round Two Information & Times

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The Army Hub administration bring to you the Christmas Chaos X Round Two information and times. 

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McBruh Welcomed to Pizza Federation Leadership

ABOMINABLE, Pizza Federations’ Empire – After the Pizza Federation overcame the first round of Christmas Chaos against the Special Weapons and Tactics, the army promoted McBruh, a loyal member of the Higher Command, to join the leadership. What changes will McBruh bring to the leadership?

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Christmas Chaos X: Round One Results

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – This weekend, the first round of the tenth Christmas Chaos tournament took place. Sixteen armies of all colors, shapes, and sizes battled it out during the tournament’s start. Who won the first matches?

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Skateboarders Rebrand to Fire Warriors, Leadership Switch-Up Ensues

Mittens, Skateboarders Empire – Just days after witnessing the retirement of Lydia, the Skateboarders find themselves closing and rebranding to the Fire Warriors. What led to the decision to rebrand? Continue reading

Fire Ninjas Announce Merge After Ronaldo Extinguishes His Flame as Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Fire Ninjas Empire – Following the Fire Ninjas being revived after seven years of dormancy, Ronaldo Vargas decided to step down from leadership. Shortly after his announcement, it was revealed that the Fire Ninjas would be merging into the Secret Service. What led to this decision?

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The Next Leader: F6sixer of the Rebel Penguin Federation

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to this edition of “The Next Leader,” written by Reporter Kally. In this column, the CP Army Hub staff sits down for a chat with the Leaders in Training of our army community. After all, they are our future leaders. This week, we talk to F6sixer from the Rebel Penguin Federation. What are his thoughts on leadership? What should we expect from him? Exactly who is this future leader?

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Lydia Hangs Up Her Skateboard

MITTENS, Skateboarders Empire –  Following a period of relative success and stability, it was announced that Lydia will be retiring from Skateboarders leadership. What ultimately led to her retirement?

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Back in Black: Shadow Troops Return To Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Shadow Troops Empire – This historic army returned on November 26th with a strong performance in their opening event. What led to the revival of this army? Continue reading

Part Two: Life After Flash; What is YOUR Army Doing?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – We have all been anticipating the day that Flash dies and now that we’re getting close, let’s take a look at what these armies are planning for after December.

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