April 2017

April 2017- the month the CPRAC was founded by Matthew. New armies started coming into the community, like the Rangers, RPF and the Tubas. The RPF, Rangers and UMA clearly dominated the community. This is also when one of the most popular wars in CPRA, the RPF vs Tubas started. Smaller armies like the Bandit Brothers and the Cryptic Spies were created and later on made big impact on the community. Rouge armies also made a big impact with the first few appearing this month.

Notable People: Zeke, Proditor, Ehroyals, Humza, Zuke, Silverburg, Matthew, Sammie

May 2017

May 2017 saw the first ever CPRAC tournament- the May Mayhem, where 10 armies battled it out on the island to take home 1st place. In the end the RPF took 1st, the Wild Ninjas took 2nd and the Cocoa Warriors took 3rd. A big army in the community, the UMA, went into many wars this month under the leadership of Ehroyals, Zeke and Proditor in wars against armies like the Green Jack Hammers, Red Mafia, PEW and more.

Notable People: Thomas85314, Cookky2, Ehroyals, Zeke, Proditor, Silverburg, Zuke

June 2017

June was a slow month for armies, as some began to fall drastically. The Rangers died, the UMA fell from sizes of 20+ to 5+ and the Cryptic Spies died. One big thing from this month was that The Great Alliance was revived. Several small and medium armies got involved in this joint effort to try and stop the RPF, the first of many to come later in CPRA. One thing it had in common with the future alliances is that they all failed.

Notable People: Security, Sammie


July 2017

A lot happened in the month of July in CPRA. This month is widely regarded as the best month CPRA has ever seen, with there being 26 active armies at a point. The Redemption Force, a dominate S/M army back in the CP days were revived by it’s creator, Reacon. The Cryptic Spies were revived for it’s 2nd and last run in the community which lasted until late August. Zeke left the UMA for the Redemption Force to lead them. The UMA were stuck with the leadership of Ehroyals and Games. Games made the Miners of CPR in July, them being most known for beating RPF in a battle. Security, famous CPA veteran got CEO in CPRAC as he led the news outlet into a golden age.

Notable People: Security, Zeke, Games, Reacon, Movamp

August 2017

August was another huge month for armies. CPRAC stayed in control of the community. One of the biggest things to happen in CPRA was the Security vs Sammie case. The two owned CPRAC together until they went against each other, each forming their own CPRAC. Most of the community went to Sammie’s CPRAC. Before that the news outlet held the biggest battle to date, the Battle of the Instruments, or The Community vs the RPF. The community maxed 30 while the RPF had 50. The CPRAC also held the Battle of Alpine l and ll with several armies participating to win. The winner of the battles are unknown to this day. More armies showed up, as Zeke revived the Barbarians for its 2nd generation and Movamp’s Cryptic Spies flourished. Overall one of the best months we’ve seen.

Notable People: Security, Sammie, Zeke, Movamp, James, Reacon, Chris, Legofan Cy, Hulk

September 2017

September was by far the worst month the community has seen, where we suffered The Great Drop of September. Many people predicted that it would happen and they were right. Almost all the armies died except for just a couple, the lowest point being just 3 armies. The community dropped so hard like it did because school was starting again, and most troops in the community are in school. September 2017 will always be remembered as the lowest point in CPRA.

Notable People: Zoomey, Chip, Mariobrus1, Brethart222

October 2017

October saw to the end of the CPR Army Central. Security had decided to declare the CPR Army Central to be dead and erased it from Army records under the last hour of fearing the end of the Army Community. This period was that of which hope had fallen and followed the Army Community and its ultimate death. The end of the Army Community.

Notable People: Security, Smurf, Ehroyals, Zeke, Djgtjvgyhxgy

November 2017

In November the community started to come back to life. Big armies like the Elite Guardians and the Club Penguin Crew were created (the latter of them being revived). Those armies hit sizes of 20+ and it seemed like the community was finally alive again after two months of fear that the community would die. More and more S/M armies were created and revived and things looked great for the community.

Notable People- Cookky2, Thomas83514, Flame

December 2017

December was a pretty active month for CPRA. More and more armies came and the community was growing. CPRA hasn’t been this electric since August. The most exciting thing to happen this month was by far the War of Romans Subjugation between the UMADKE and the Romans. Zeke had returned to the UMA to lead with Ehroyals and Games. Both armies were doing great, each able to max 10+ but in the end the UMADKE came out on top. After that Zeke left the UMA to continue to other armies. The CP Crew and the Elite Guardians continued to dominate CPRA this month, both capable of 20+. Overall December was a good month for the community.

Notable People: Zeke, Ehroyals, Games, Smurf, Ulysses Nardo, Flame, Thomas83514

January 2018

January was another exciting month. The biggest event and most controversial event to happen this month was the coup of Ehroyals from the UMA. In January Ehroyals was couped from his leadership, where he went to create a UMA rebellion, the EHUMA as Mason led the NUMA, the New UMA. The civil war went on the entire month as both armies hit small sizes of 2+ and 3+. The two UMA factions eventually called the war off and the UMA came back together. In January the Barbarians and more S/M armies were revived. Zeke had joined the CP Crew leadership as they dominated, maxing sizes of 25+ before Thomas suddenly gave ownership of the Crew to Aru which she gave the Security, forming the CP Crew Empire. Overall a very entertaining month for CPRA.

Notable People: Security, Thomas83514, Cookky2, Zeke, Arureadindis, Ehroyals, Mason

February 2018

Many Armies from the period of CPA had returned. This included armies such as the Special Weapons and Tactics, Water Ninjas, Fort Ghost Recon and Blue Miners Army. February was a period of rise in the Army Community. However this month included huge civil conflicts with the media consisting of the Daily Small Medium Army News, Small Medium Army News and the Army Lounge. Eventually to sign the return of the CPR Army Central. This month also included the return of the CPR Army Map.

Notable People: Ganger90, Games, Eden, Xing, DrMatt, Elmikey, Edu, Zeke, Security, Earthing, Twitchy, LordNinja24

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