Ice Warriors Wave Goodbye To Leader Madhav2 After Retirement Announcement

SUB ZERO, Ice Warriors Empire- Just weeks after we saw Ice Warriors leader Agent 11 retire, another leader retired from the army as well as the community. Madhav2, who has been in the army community for a long time, has announced his immediate retirement. Madhav has been one of the most influential leaders in the Ice Warriors since he joined the army in 2014.

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News Digest [August 8th – August 15th]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, News Digest Desk – Welcome to the latest edition of CP Army Hub’s Weekly News Digest, where we round up the main talking points of the last seven days! This week we’ve divided the news into the following sections: retirements/rank updates, wars and battles, army openings/closings, and finally the significant news that doesn’t fall under the other categories. Let’s dive right into it, shall we?

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“Doritos Will Rise From The Ashes” Say New Leaders Dino and Marie

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Doritos Empire – The Doritos have found themselves consistently making headline news over the last several months, and following a quieter few weeks, have welcomed two new additions to their leadership.

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Vivala Retires From Doritos Leadership

UNKNOWN, Doritos of Club Penguin Empire – In a time rampant with leadership changes and retirements, another army bids goodbye to a leader. Most recently, the Doritos lost leader Vivala. Continue reading

Top Ten Armies [8/2/20 – 8/8/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — As the first ever Beach Brawl comes to an end, two armies make their return into this week’s Top Ten rankings.

Click here for the S/M Top Ten.

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Rach Promoted To Golden Troops Leader

HALF PIPE, Golden Troops Empire – Yesterday, the Golden Troops announced a new addition to their leadership with the promotion of their leader in training, Rach.
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Red Ravagers Get A Celebrity Colony

SNOWBOUND, Red Ravagers Capital – After a long week of battling for one server, the Superstars had found themselves suddenly colonizing under the Red Ravagers. RR had helped tremendously in the Superstars defense, but after losing the server to SWAT, an announcement of this colonization was made.

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March Madness Semi-Final Results & Grand Finals Information

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The March Madness semi-finals have concluded, but who will be joining the Dark Warriors in the grand finals?

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March Madness: Semi-Final Predictions

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters — The Ice Warriors are set to take on the Doritos in the long-overdue March Madness semi-finals… but who will see it through to the grand finals?

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The Truth Behind the Gokhan137 Doritos Livestream

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – On July 24, the Doritos of Club Penguin were featured in a stream by Club Penguin YouTuber, Gokhan137. During the stream, other armies and Gokhan’s fans bombarded the chat with claims about the Doritos’ past and about the army community. How did our community’s reputation affect a third-party so monumentally?

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