What Would You Do: Immoral Behavior

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Often, one may find themselves asking what they would do in any given CP Army situation. In this installment of What Would You Do, leaders were asked what they would do if their troops were displaying immoral behavior, such as homophobia and racism.

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2020: What Has Happened So Far?

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Since we have now passed the half-way mark of the current year, let’s take a look at the amazing journey the army community has endured these past 6 months. From the establishment of CP Army Media, the many wars, the return of veterans due to a worldwide pandemic, and finally the unification of the community under the Army Hub.

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Help Force Triumph In Army of CP Battle

PERMAFROST, Battle Room – Another practice battle broke out between two armies with nobody to separate them on the most recent universal top ten. Two armies with similar sizes recently, so how did these two top 5 contenders fare off against each other? Continue reading

Army Of The Week: Help Force

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – This week will be the first Army Of The Week taking place on the Army Hub, and the army being commemorated is the Help Force for their leap from 6th to 3rd on the Top Twenty listings.

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Battle of the Blues – Ice Warriors vs. Help Force

KLONDIKE, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Recently, two powerful armies took the battlefield in a competitive battle. Both armies fought well, but only one could win. Let’s take a look at how this practice battle played out! Continue reading

Legends Cup X: The Finals Result

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup X Boardroom – As the Legends Cup X draws to a close, one winner emerges from the grand finals.

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Legends Cup X: The Final Predictions

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup X Boardroom — As we approach the grand finals of the Legends Cup X, the staff cast their predictions for one final time. But who will be crowned the winner?

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Legends Cup X Details: The Grand Finals

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup Boardroom — The Legends Cup X tournament enters its last stage after controversial semi-final battles. Read more to know about the scheduled timings for the grand finale.

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Legends Cup X: Semi Final Results

KLONDIKE, Legends Cup X Boardroom – The highly anticipated semi-final battles have concluded, with two armies advancing into the grand final. But which armies won their battle?

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Tensions Rise As Help Force Report Doritos on CP Rewritten

SUMMIT, Doritos Empire –  The ongoing war between the Doritos and Help Force has heated up following the reporting of Dorito members to CP Rewritten moderators by Help Force General Dlark.

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