Mare and Grace Rejoin One Direction Army Leadership

SPARKLES, One Direction Army Empire – After Mare, Grace, and Phoebe departed from the One Direction Army leadership a month ago, two-thirds of the former leaders, Mare and Grace, decided it was time to make a comeback. What led to their return?

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Leader Life Stories: Mare, One Direction Army

SPARKLE, One Direction Army’s Capital – Although the worldwide phenomenon and heartthrob boy band One Direction is no longer together, a Club Penguin army dedicated to them still stands strong: the One Direction Army. This week we chat with one of the One Direction Army leaders, Mare, about her Club Penguin army story.

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Army of Orient Seas Crashes Into the Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Army of the Orient Seas – Recently, a new army identified as Army of the Orient Seas has entered into the CPAH community. This AUSIA-based army has had only positive results so far, but let’s take a deeper look at where this new army came from! Continue reading