The Next Leader: Rishchamp of the Dark Warriors

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to the first edition of The Next Leader, written by Reporter Kally. In this weekly column, the CP Army Hub staff acquaints themselves with the Leaders-in-Training of our army community. After all, they are the future leaders of the army community. What are their thoughts on leadership? What should we expect from them? Who are our next leaders?

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Romans Leader & Doritos Higher Command Leila Leaves Army Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Roman Empire – After a journey through several armies, Leila, a Roman’s leader and Doritos Leader-in-Training, has stepped away from the army community. Continue reading

Redemption Reborn: Redemption Force Return With 7 Year Anniversary Special Event

UNKNOWN, Redemption Force Empire – Following nearly a month of inactivity, the Redemption Force makes a comeback with its 7 year anniversary event. RF saw fluctuating sizes and faced many hurdles since first coming back at the beginning of July. How will they perform this time around?

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What Happened To The Redemption Force? A Look At Their First Week Back

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Redemption Force Empire- Exactly one week ago, the army known as the Redemption Force returned to the community. It was revived by some of their most legendary leaders, including their creator, Reacon. The reopening of the army showed great potential of regaining their former glory. But how have they fared in their first week back in business? Continue reading

Otter Leaves Redemption Force For Templars Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY,  Templars Empire – In a surprising turn of events, Otter has left the Redemption Force leadership for the Templars.

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The Return of Redemption Force

UNKNOWN, Redemption Force Empire  After a prolonged silence, the Redemption Force of Club Penguin opens their doors once again. The force has awakened. Continue reading

Redemption Force Shuts Down: For Now?

THERMAL, Redemption Force’s Capital – A sudden post from the Redemption Force’s leader announced the army’s shutdown. After seven years of multiple closings and re-openings, RF’s leader indicated that this may not be the last run.

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