Tree Cult Gets Uprooted and Announces Shutdown

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Tree Cult Empire – Just over a month after being revived, the Tree Cult announced that they would be shutting their doors on the army’s current generation. What were the reasons behind this sudden decision? Continue reading

Light’s Off For Light Troops As Indefinite Closure Announced

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – After being revived just weeks ago, it seems that a short-lived generation of the Light Troops has come to an end. Following pressure from the leaders and the staff, the army has ceased operations as of October 4th. Continue reading

Superstars Merge Into Dark Champions Midst Revival

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Superstars Empire – The Superstars had a long rest since the beginning of this month. Now, it seems that the September Drop has claimed its last victim. Continue reading

Elites Host Record-Breaking Final March; What’s Next For Their Members?

AVALANCHE, Former Elites Capital – Only a week after winning a tournament held by the SubZero Army League, a major army hosted a record-breaking final event before shutting down for good. As the army closed its doors, where are the staff and the members headed?

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Sorcerers Cast Final Spell: Indefinite Closure Announced

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Sorcerers Of Club Penguin – Just over 2 months after the creation of Sorcerers, they are on their last leg – or so it seems. Lewis, Sorcerers leader, made an announcement earlier today declaring that Sorcerers will go on hiatus but what does this mean for the Sorcerers?
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Hold Bugs Army Drops Out Of The Community Following Sarahah’s Ice Warriors Removal

UNKNOWN, Hold Bugs Army Empire – Less than two months after creating the Hold Bugs Army, leader Sarahah has decided to shut the army down. This abrupt decision, announced on August 11th, has left the entire army community in shock. What was the reason behind this announcement?

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Royals Shut Their Gates

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Royals Army – Following their final event on Saturday, June 14th, the Royals of CP ceased operations and transformed into a hangout chat. Read on to find out more.
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Animal Kingdom Merges into Golden Troops

SABERTOOTH, Animal Kingdom Empire — Only less than two months after opening, the Animal Kingdom have shut down and merged with the Golden Troops.

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Redemption Force Shuts Down: For Now?

THERMAL, Redemption Force’s Capital – A sudden post from the Redemption Force’s leader announced the army’s shutdown. After seven years of multiple closings and re-openings, RF’s leader indicated that this may not be the last run.

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Cold Wars Federation Closes Down

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Cold Wars Federation Empire – One of the community’s foreign armies, Cold Wars Federation, has announced its closure and has now shut its doors.

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