NotManuGinobili Rejoins Water Vikings Leadership

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – The Water Vikings witness a familiar face return to their leadership: their former Viking Commander, NotManuGinobili, nearly two months after his departure from the army. What led to his return?

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CPAH Special Report: Special Weapons and Tactics Multilog In Black Seas War

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Investigation’s Office – The Black Seas War has produced a significant amount of drama and controversy over the past week, but none as shocking as a multilogging operation from a Special Weapons and Tactics leader, that not only breaks their force treaty with the Water Vikings, but also costs their allies several successful invasions. 

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LIVE BLOG: A Timeline of the Black Seas War

All updates have been added.

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As the community descends into disarray, you may find that allegiances and invasions are increasingly difficult to keep track of. This timeline will detail all major events of the Black Seas War so far and will be updated regularly to reflect the latest events.

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Black Seas War: Dark Warriors and Water Vikings Face Off For Jackhammer

JACKHAMMER, Battleground – With another day of war comes another day of invasions. Today, the Dark Warriors and the Water Vikings battled it out once more for the server Jackhammer. Which army came out victorious?

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Black Seas War: Rebel Penguin Federation Freezes Water Vikings On Icicle

ICICLE, Battleground – Merely hours ago, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Water Vikings went head to head in the Battle of Icicle. Which army won the fight and the server?

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Frosty Tensions: Ice Warriors Battle Water Vikings For Shiver

SHIVER, Ice Warriors Empire – The Ice Warriors invasion of the Water Vikings’ server Shiver saw two mighty ‘AUSIA’ forces come to blows, but what exactly happened on the battlefield? And who came out on top?

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Triple Threat: Ice Warriors Schedule Invasion For Water Vikings Empire

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – The latest community-wide conflict, dubbed the ‘Black Seas War’, faces a sudden twist in plot as the Ice Warriors join the count of armies invading the Water Vikings. What led to this decision on part of the Ice Warriors? Continue reading

Water Vikings Enlist New Higher Command Following War Outbreak

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – Following a turbulent day filled with two war declarations, new and returning faces joined the ranks of the Water Vikings. Who are they? What is the agenda behind the sudden addition to the ranks?

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Black Seas War: Dark Warriors and Water Vikings Battle For Jackhammer

JACKHAMMER, Water Vikings Empire – Day one of the Dark Warriors-Water Vikings conflict has concluded, and thus the first result of the freshly dubbed ‘Black Seas War’.

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Double Trouble: Rebel Penguin Federation Declares War On Water Vikings

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – Shortly after the Dark Warriors declared war on the Water Vikings, the Rebel Penguin Federation has followed up with a war declaration of their own. What prompted these two armies to invade the Water Vikings? Continue reading