CPA Legend Silverburg Ripens Mangoes Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Mango Corps’ Nation – After a resurgence in activity from the Mangoes Corps, the army flourishes as they decorate a new leader among their ranks. The leader happens to be none other than CP army legend Silverburg. Why did Silverburg join, and what are his plans?

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Water Vikings Enlist New Higher Command Following War Outbreak

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – Following a turbulent day filled with two war declarations, new and returning faces joined the ranks of the Water Vikings. Who are they? What is the agenda behind the sudden addition to the ranks?

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Light’s Off For Light Troops As Indefinite Closure Announced

ICE BOX, Light Troops Empire – After being revived just weeks ago, it seems that a short-lived generation of the Light Troops has come to an end. Following pressure from the leaders and the staff, the army has ceased operations as of October 4th. Continue reading

The Return Into the Light: Zamb Joins Doritos and Light Troops Leadership

Ice Box, Light Troops Empire – An unlikely face has made a reappearance in the leadership of the Light Troops and the Doritos. Why did army veteran Zamb decide to return to the community? Continue reading

Zamb Announces Retirement From Elites; Army Shutdown Scheduled For Next Week

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – Members of the Elites army bid their leader Zamb a fond farewell yesterday following a tournament finals battle. But alongside this came the shocking announcement of the impending Elites shutdown.

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Lessons From Veterans: Zamb

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – In this weekly series, we pay our Club Penguin army veterans a penny for their thoughts. We’re here to find and share their wisdom through interviews, so what can we learn from this edition?

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Drama Flares As FireStar Is Couped From Elites Leadership After Serious Allegations

AVALANCHE, Elites Empire – Just 24 hours after the Elites gained three new additions to their leadership, a coup d’etat of Firestar has occurred due to a string of serious allegations.

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Behind the Lens: The Conspiracy of Cassius Brutus

ALASKA, CP Army Hub’s Headquarters, Boiler Room – After touching on recent history about Epic101’s rise and downfall in the CPPS era of Club Penguin armies, why not return to the topic of armies. The Army of Club Penguin may be known for being the first, but their status as an army magnate from the beginning to the end will be one that attests to its legendary status. Despite being an army known for its pacifist approach, Cassius Brutus was a significant leader who led the Army of CP from their slum period to world power. What was the legacy he left behind in the army that couped him?

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Templars Enter War With the Lime Green Army

WALRUS, TEMPLARS’ EMPIRE – After the triad consisting of the Rebel Penguin Federation, Ice Warriors, and Dark Warriors collectively declaring war on the Doritos, another war has emerged. The Templars, formerly associated with the New Dawn Alliance and removed abruptly following the leaders’ deface of a CPPS, has declared war on current NDA member, the Lime Green Army. Why did they declare war on an army they formerly associated with?

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Get To Know The Lime Green Army Colony: The Takis

GREAT WHITE, Lime Green Army Empire Following the introduction of the New Dawn Alliance, a surge in colonies implies that many new members are joining CP Army Hub. Brownies, Toasters, and Avengers may be newer, but a familiar face of the past have made their reintroduction. Why are the Takis back, and what are their intentions in the community?

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